Fed up with manually searching up transactions?

Skip the endless copy/pasting with our bulk search block explorer.

Turning a crypto project into a business is hard.

In all likelihood, if you've founded a cryptocurrency exchange or retail platform, you're a pioneer.

In order to be where you are today, you had to deal with incredible amounts of doubt, sleepless nights, and setbacks. Even if you didn't, you've almost certainly been hit hard by this year's bear market.

But... if you're reading this, I have a feeling that you're unlikely to give up.

Crypto's explosion in growth over 2017 is reason enough to abandon despair.

The markets will be back, and the next time crypto hits mainstream, you'll be ready.

If you'd like to get an edge, keep reading.

An invisible time-suck

Do you provide customer support?

If so, you've likely learned by now that:

It's hard to train staff - in the majority of cases, they're new to the crypto industryThere's usually more tickets than there are people to answer themYou have many areas for improvement lying untapped
One thing your staff may be spending a lot of their time on, that may surprise you, is manually checking block explorers.

For context, a block explorer is a website that provides a third-party copy of a blockchain. Cryptocurrency exchanges and retailers use them for several things, including verifying missing deposits, or locating withdrawals that customers claim haven't arrived in their wallets.

No matter how hard they work and how patient they are, your support agents have to individually check each transaction. And to do that, they have to know what explorer to search.

It's just not scalable.

A bulk search block explorer

Pictures speak louder than words. Show this to your customer support department, and they'll likely 'get' exactly what txBatch is.

txBatch UI pre-search

They can search over fifteen thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens via our quick-entry table. Whether customer-facing or technical, they can choose what data points they want, and what format they want them in.

There are several power-user features that only former crypto exchange staff could come up with (e.g. multi-entry, paste table, auto-search, chain detection, formatting preferences).

txBatch UI with completed result

On average, we've found that this speeds up transaction searches by 60x, and eliminates 80% of the manual processing needed per search.


Free trial:

Each user gets:

their own profile, and ability to customize their interface to their joball the transactions they need, as long as they're BTC, ETH, an ERC20, or USDTaccess to new chains as we bring them out

Premium Beta: 0.005 BTC / user/ month

We only recommend this for exchanges who list BTC, ETH, and/or USDT exclusively.

Each user will get all the features of the free trial, plus:

on-call supportpriority access to new chains
We also accept alternate cryptocurrencies and tokens (based on Messari market rates). Additionally, we accept various fiat currencies (e.g. USD), with a 5% surcharge.

Want to learn more?

Our mission:

Help crypto exchanges provide kickass customer support.

Our vision:

The world using crypto.

Why are we the unique solution to this problem?

Primarily because of our founding experience.

Winston (above) is an avid cryptocurrency trader and investor. He has used multiple exchanges and experienced the customer support process - or lack thereof - on several. He knows all too well the typical experience "submit your ticket, wait, and probably don't even get notified when you have a response." However - due to the lack of communication, he has no indication that the block explorers are causing the hold up.

From the other end, James (below) spent a year providing customer support at a well-known exchange. He knows all too well how much time and money is wasted on checking block explorers. And he knows exactly what power-user features will make the most difference to your average employee.

Our combination makes us uniquely qualified to produce a bulk search block explorer. We have specialised experience as both crypto exchange staff and traders. We know what will make the former more productive and the latter more satisfied - coming back to trade more and more.

Ready to try txBatch?

© James Scaur & Winston Hammerton. All rights reserved.

Our mission:

Help crypto exchanges provide kickass customer support.

We believe that great crypto companies = more crypto adoption. Which leads to:

Our vision:

The world using crypto.

Why? Crypto's awesome. It's fast, cheap, and easy. We believe we should have responsibility over whom we transact with, and how. We believe the wealth gain and efficiencies created by decentralised systems will make our daily lives better and lift many groups of people out of poverty. We want a future where trust is not merely given automatically, but to those who prove they are worth trusting.

About James


James Scaur, co-founder of txBatch

James Scaur is a New Zealand-born, Danish-speaking, Georgia-residing entrepreneur and software developer.

In 2015 after many business attempts/failures he started Quartz Web Services, a web design and development studio that won the New Zealand Young Enterprise Scheme Award for Business Commitment.

After that he lived in Denmark for 12 months, where he developed the mobile app and web platform for the social enterprise Demenish, winning Denmark's Entrepreneurship Award and JA Europe's AT&T Excellence in IT Award.

He is the first New Zealander to both represent and win an entrepreneurship award on Denmark's behalf (and also likely the first person to ask "Who are you?" to the Danish Crown Prince Frederik).

After returning to New Zealand he was one of the first employees hired at cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, progressing from customer support to become a technician, staff trainer, and API specialist.

During his time as an exchange employee he experienced one key frustration — the inefficient process of individually verifying transactions for customers via block explorers.

So as a result, txBatch began...

About Winston


Winston Hammerton, co-founder of txBatch

Winston Hammerton is an experienced entrepreneur and world traveller who has lived in over 15 countries since 2013.

After dropping out of high school at age 17, he chose to become a door-to-door salesman instead of pursuing higher education/university.

He became an apprentice property developer, and then proceeded to build and sell his first company at age 19 — a paralegal services startup — then at age 21 successfully exited his second six-figure company, this time in manufacturing.

After a false start with a second eCommerce company, he co-founded Dapp Retail Media, a blockchain marketing agency aimed at bringing mass adoption to
blockchain and decentralized applications.

Dapp Retail Media and txBatch are planning a future partnership where tasteful advertisements can be served on a simplified multi-chain block explorer.

In October 2018 Winston moved from his previous city of Chiang Mai to Tbilisi, and it was during this time that he and James co-founded txBatch.

Winston brings a wealth of marketing and entrepreneurship experience to the table and is well immersed in the cryptocurrency industry as both a trader and ICO advisor.

About Drew

Advisor and Investor

Drew Knowles, Advisor and Investor to txBatch

Drew Knowles is Vice President and partner of Influence Ecology, a specialised business education company, and has over 20 years experience in the field of human performance.

He has facilitated programmes to over 10,000 people around the world and since 2006, has been particularly committed to the study of stress and how the mind/brain performs under consequential situations.

Drew's focus is now delivering Influence Ecology's specialised business education to a global audience, offering solutions to the inescapable and unavoidable conditions that must be taken care of to live a satisfactory life.

He has been actively mentoring James for over 2 years, and Winston for several months. Both Winston and James are current participants the rigorous Fundamentals of Transaction programme, offered by Influence Ecology.

Drew brings a unique perspective and a thoughtful approach to txBatch, guiding the founders to think accurately and develop a valuable product.

About Usman


More to come...