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Gain an unfair advantage with TxBatch, the blockchain explorer for crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

"Finally, a block explorer designed for customer support!"

Save time and frustration with our power-user features, such as multi-entry search, click-to-copy, and automatic block explorer links.

TxBatch Search

Search multiple transactions

Paste in as many transaction IDs as you want, from a ticket or a spreadsheet, and we'll automatically split them up for easy searching.

  • Verify transactions involved in system errors or maintenance periods
  • Quickly verify unsupported deposit types (e.g. direct mining or smart contract transfers)
  • Paste in TxIDs straight from the source - your open case, email, or spreadsheet
TxBatch Multi Chains

Search multiple blockchains

Search over 15,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens via our unique quick-entry table. Not just Bitcoin and Ethereum, either.

  • Get the data you need from each blockchain (e.g. memos, payment IDs, contract errors)
  • Easily search for cross-chain deposits (e.g. BTC ⇆ BCH, ETH ⇆ ETC)
  • Automatic detection of tokens and cryptoassets (ERC20s, Omnis, & 5+ others)
TxBatch Copy

Instantly use your results

We get all the data you need, and present it for instant use in your replies. No distractions.

  • Prove withdrawals/deposits to your traders with automatic (and customisable) block explorer links
  • Say goodbye to typos and partially-copied data with click-to-copy (no select)
  • Easy Ctrl-F and Export to Excel
Example of common cryptocurrency trader support tickets

Our Pricing

TxBatch saves time searching up transactions, training staff, and correcting mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Team

We're a group of crypto enthusiasts who met via Telegram in 2018 and despite living in seperate countries, collaborated to build TxBatch.

James Scaur

Development & Support

Former technician & support agent at a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange. He is currently based in Palermo, Sicily.


Winston Hammerton

Sales & Marketing

Professional cryptocurrency trader & co-founder of True Binary. He is currently based in Bali, Indonesia.


Usman Amusat

Design & User Experience

Experienced UX designer & product lead at Ellcrys Network. He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.


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