txBatch - customer service tool for cryptocurrency exchanges

Respond faster to your traders.

txBatch is customer service software for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Forget about remembering hundreds of block explorers. Forget about memorising the differences between blockchains. Now you get to look up transactions in bulk, across more than 20 blockchains and thousands of second-layer protocols (ERC20s, Omni Layer, Stellar)

Save time and frustration with our power-user features, such as multi-entry search, click-to-copy, and automatic block explorer links.

Premium customers can request new blockchains, CRM integrations, and access priority support. Contact us to learn more.

About us

James Scaur formerly provided technical support at a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange.

He is currently based in Palermo, Sicily.

Winston Hammerton is a professional cryptocurrency trader and serial entrepreneur.

He is currently based in Manila, the Phillipines.

Usman Abiola is an experienced UX designer and product lead at Ellcrys Network.

He is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.


What cryptocurrencies do you support?

A combination of CoinMarketCap and OnChainFX data shows that we support over 80 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies:

SymbolCoin/Token NameTypeData Partner
BCHBitcoin Cash (ABC)--
BNB Binance CoinERC20Eth.events
XLM Stellar-Stellar Horizon
USDT TetherOmni AssetBlockchain.com
BSV Bitcoin SV--
XMR Monero-MoneroVision
DASH Dash-BlockCypher
MKR MakerERC20Eth.events
ONT Ontology--
ETC Ethereum Classic-Eth.events
XTZ Tezos-TzScan
ZEC Zcash--
CRO Crypto.com ChainERC20Eth.events
BAT Basic Attention TokenERC20Eth.events
OMG OmiseGOERC20Eth.events
USDC USD CoinERC20Eth.events
DOGE Dogecoin-BlockCypher
TUSD TrueUSDERC20Eth.events
ZIL ZilliqaERC20Eth.events
REP AugurERC20Eth.events
TUSD TrueUSDERC20Eth.events
ZRX 0xERC20Eth.events
HOT HoloERC20Eth.events
ENJ Enjin CoinERC20Eth.events
BTT BitTorrentTRC20-
HT Huobi TokenERC20Eth.events
PAX Paxos Standard TokenERC20Eth.events
MXM Maximine CoinERC20Eth.events
NPXS Pundi XERC20Eth.events
AOA AuroraERC20Eth.events
KCS KuCoin SharesERC20Eth.events
DAI DaiERC20Eth.events
SNT StatusERC20Eth.events
INB Insight ChainERC20Eth.events
PPT PopulousERC20Eth.events
GNT GolemERC20Eth.events
REPO REPOStellar AssetStellar Horizon
GUSD Gemini DollarERC20Eth.events
MAID MaidSafeCoinOmni AssetBlockchain.com
WAX WAXERC20Eth.events
LOOM Loom NetworkERC20Eth.events
QASH QASHERC20Eth.events
MANA DecentralandERC20Eth.events
DGTX Digitex FuturesERC20Eth.events
WTC WaltonchainERC20Eth.events
LRC LoopringERC20Eth.events
MCO Crypto.comERC20Eth.events
QBIT QubiticaERC20Eth.events
ELF aelfERC20Eth.events
THR ThoreCoinERC20Eth.events
NEXO NexoERC20Eth.events
KNC Kyber NetworkERC20Eth.events

How fast are your searches?

On average, a single search takes 1/3rd of a second. 5 transactions across 2 chains, 3/4s of a second. And 15 transactions across 3 chains, 1.5 seconds.

Once the data is loaded, it is ready & formatted to be used in a ticket answer.

This is directly comparable to a typical block explorer website taking 0.5-2 seconds to load, and a minimum of 30 seconds to copy necessary data (provided you don't misclick when selecting text).

Because no bulk-search functionality exists, that's a minimum of 30 seconds each time. Cut down to less than 1.

txBatch - customer service tool for cryptocurrency exchanges

How do you ensure privacy / security?

All our searches are anonymous, and handled separately to our user data.

Communication with our servers happens for only 3 reasons:
1. Reading User Data (Authentication)
2. Reading Blockchain Data (isolated from #1 and #3)
3. Writing User Data (opt-in, wipe anytime)

We have no third-party analytics or trackers, e.g. Google Analytics - in contrast to most block explorers.

As it stands, txBatch is second only to running your own node for privacy.

What are your plans for the future?

We're focused on building the best customer service tool in crypto.

Our priorities are:

1. Releasing all blockchain searches out of beta - with full support for popular second-layer protocols.

2. Enable searching by address + amount (commonly requested feature)

3. Integrate with popular crypto customer support platforms - such as Zendesk, messaging platforms - such as Telegram and Discord, and create a Chrome/Brave extension.